A new adventure: Revival and reformation school at Y.w.a.m. Kona (becoming the hands and feet of Jesus)

As John says God is Love and truth. As Christ’s church, we are the channels that God uses to show that love, and proclaim that truth. We are to clothe the naked, feed the hungry, heal the sick, and proclaim the good news that is God’s son our salvation. God’s love needs to be shown to this dark world, captives need to be set free!! In another way, Missionary’s are people who leave their families for a few years so strangers can be with there families for eternity. I like that definition.  Just like Jesus left his heavenly home to save his fallen sons and daughters, suffering more than any of us could even imagine.   God’s own son was a missionary and so am I.   I am leaving for Kona Hawaii to be part of Youth with a mission to train and learn so I can use the gifts God has given me to show his Love.  He has changed my life!  

As a missionary and as the feet of Jesus, bringing good news to the nations, there are a few types of support that I rely on.  The largest for sure prayer. Prayer is key for it’s the mode God’s children converse and come to Him, so please keep me in your prayers, for safety, guidance, wisdom, discernment, for strength to combat satan’s temptations and for God’s provision.   Just chase after Jesus and read your Bibles for your selves, for I want the best life He has for you and the Holy Bible is alive and beautiful and will bless your lives deeply.

What will I be doing in Hawaii?? I will be striving towards an A.A. degree and learning skills and techniques to further the church of Jesus Christ through creativity, missions, and compassion. I will be learning how to show God’s love in real tangible ways such as health care, counseling, art evangelism, disaster relief, and many other ways. I will also be studying the Bible, cultures, languages, and strategies to impact the world and give as many people the opportunity to meet Jesus for themselves. I’m sure I will also be exploring the beautiful nature God has made, cliff jumping, jamming, surfing and spear fishing on my time off.

I will also be cutting my friends’ and fellow Ywamer’s hair with my skill of barbering. This is my way of making money and honoring the lord by working with this trade. Just as Paul made tents I will barber, I hope to learn about color and women’s hair in the future to extend my knowledge.

Thank you, friends, for reading and following along on my adventures. If any of you need prayer or someone to talk to, let’s set up a time to talk I would love to hear from you!


Your brother -Kyle Z



My life verse: Psalms 18:1-3

1″I love You, O Lord, my strength.”
The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer,
My God, my rock, in whom I take refuge;
My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.
I call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised,


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Dive: The head first jump needed to follow Jesus in Truth and Faith

If you understand that we as people are created and that Jesus the Christ’s sacrifice grants the people who realize this truth a gift so grand that those who have received it must tell the rest of the world. Its a free gift after all that is so priceless you couldn’t afford it anyway. This gift is that if you understand that God so loved the world that his perfect son needed to be sacrificed in order to defeat satan and give so many sinners a way to be at peace with God. Jesus says “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me”. Jesus is truth. and if you understand this we are family dear friend. and if you have never heard of this i urge you too look into the life of Jesus in the book of John or matthew in the Holy Bible, i’m sure it would be worth your time.

My purpose is now to serve him, to serve Father God and Son, and the best way is to do as Jesus did. to Fulfill basic human needs out of compassion and love. I can see the seems of society, we all die:rich or poor so does it matter what we do? What can we do that really matters? I have come to the conclusion its helping others in there need, and to use the abilities and talents that God has given you for his work. Unfortunately the enemy of God is out in force too and working hard against the forces of Righteousness. But our God is bigger, mighty strong and the Prince of peace so we can truly lean on him. I know what i want to do and now its time to act to not be scared. Its time for action.

I have chased the things of the flesh to no avail and i have looked for worldly knowledge, it wasn’t till i searched for the truth and nothing but the truth that i realized there is only one story, His-story right? Gods story! but the truth has been watered down with lies for so long how can we even start looking for the truth? The bible tells us to seek and we shall find.I did just that. Jesus really showed him self through my searching and pain. slowly showing me my calling. To be a missionary to be the feet of Jesus and to walk in His law and will. I think if nobody shows love than how can God be shown? that is why i’am headed back to Y.W.A.M for the furthering of becoming a missionary.

This blog will document my journey to many nations, new friends, pains, heartaches, and hopefully much gospel proclaiming too. My interests are many but i hope to use them all for the furthering and furthering of the kingdom of God. This blog will also act as a portfolio for my Barbering, my Art, Possibly Photography, and lessons i learn at school and from God. I love you all and hope to have You dear family follow along on my adventures.